The notice published in the Federal Register is open for public comment until March 17, 2018.


Per the requirements of the WIIN Act of 2016, the TVA is instituting a Registration process to validate the inventory of Floating Cabins taken by TVA staff in the summer of 2017.   The objective is for owners to state their intent to register their Floating Cabins by January 1, 2019.


The TVA assembled a Stakeholders Group comprised of various Federal and State Agencies, members of the public, Marina Owners, Utilities, and members of the TVFHA board who represent various reservoirs.   This group has 3 sub committees which examine (1) the Fees and Registration, (2) Water Quality and Flotation, and (3) Electrical and Mooring Standards. These committees and the group as a whole worked to a consensus of the recommended regulations to the TVA.


This is an ongoing process that has involved many hours of meetings, teleconferences, research, and webinars.  These “reasonable” standards will be forthcoming and available for comment later this year.


Now, with this being said, the TVFHA firmly believes in establishing a Marina Ambassador program which will help communicate the upcoming standards, and help ensure that  Floating Cabin owners in each marina are adhering to the policies and standards.   Additionally, they will assist in communicating any issues back to the TVFHA Board.


With respect to the comments regarding this publication, the board supports the registration process and would expect the TVA to minimize any costs associated with the process. We will continue to work in collaboration with the TVA and provide mechanisms for the positive aspects of the Floating Cabin impacts to the local economy, and recreation resources.


We ask that your public comments be supportive of helping to protect the resources, fair and reasonable regulations, and help ensure that all 26a permit holders, including private docks, be held accountable for the impact they have as well.


With the freedom of being granted protection from forced removal also come the responsibility to each other and the resource to ensure we are acting within reasonable standards.