Friday, December 14, 2016, President Obama signed the 2016 WRDA Bill, which removes the 30 year sunset and makes it illegal for the TVA to arbitrarily remove our floating homes from all TVA reservoirs. Now known as the “WIIN Act”, it is a true win for all of us and thanks to your support, we have come a long way since February 26, 2016.

Although this is a HUGE victory, our work is not done as the TVA still has regulations to implement and fees to assess. We truly need your financial contributions to help cover financial obligations we have incurred in order to make this DREAM a reality. Also, down the road, we’d hate to lose homes over unreasonable regulations and unaffordable fees. We must continue to be vigilant and work with the TVA to ensure that doesn’t happen. Please help get your neighbors on board as if everyone pitches in the burden will be much lighter for all who benefit.

WE as the TVFHA made a commitment to the TVA and the general public, that if we remain, we shall become model stewards. Collaborating on regulations and enforcement. Part of this collaborative effort revolves around engagement of every Floating Home Owner on EVERY RESERVOIR!

In ADDITION to FUNDING OUR OBLIGATION we are requesting the following:

1) EVERY Floating Cabin owner be a part of the TVFHA. 
Membership is critical the fee will be nominal, which will fund not only maintaining our future, but various stewardship projects.

2) Marina Ambassadors
These volunteers are critical to communicating the message of the TVFHA and the TVA Regs to All FLoating Cabin Owners. They will be the “boots on the ground” to assist in registration and compliance. 
This is a cost savings for The TVFHA and TVA.

3) Stewardship Project Leaders
We have shown that we are a force that cares about the reservoirs, not just for self. NOW we must show this, to everyone. 
 In the coming months we will organize various projects to clean up the lake and partner with the TVA. But we need YOUR involvement.

This Floating Nation is Strong, This Floating Nation is United, This Floating Nation OURS.