August 15, 2016

Today we received a copy of a letter that US Senator Richard Burr sent to Bill Johnson, CEO of the TVA. In his letter he has asked Mr. Johnson to reconsider the TVA’s proposal to remove floating homes from all TVA reservoirs in 30 years. He points out that the proposal fails to address the loss in property value as well as the fact that homeowners have to pay for the cost of removal. He discusses how it impacts both Fontana and Hiawassee lakes as well as Swain and Graham Counties.

Senator Burr acknowledges our extensive investments and that we’re good stewards to the lake. He also reminds them of the detrimental impact it will have on the local economies as well as the burden placed on homeowners.

“Their good stewardship should be recognized, not penalized through additional fees and unreasonable regulations.” – Senator Burr

We are tremendously grateful for Senator Burr’s support of all floating homeowners as well as being an advocate for economies of Western North Carolina. Thank you Senator Burr! For a full copy of the letter, please join the today. You can also find it on twitter @fontanafamilies or via Facebook