Photo courtesy of Mike Wilks. Used with permission.

The TENNESSEE VALLEY FLOATING HOME ALLIANCE  (TVFHA) is a non-profit group of floating home owners and marina operators that was formed in order to prevent the removal of all floating homes on the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Reservoirs. In FEBRUARY 2016 the TVA announced that all floating homes (including grandfathered homes) were to be removed after a 20 year sunset period. Since that announcement, the TVFHA has been working tirelessly and at the MAY 5th meeting the TVA Board voted to increase the sunset to a 30 year period. Although it’s a step in the right direction, it is not the end goal and TVFHA is still working to Save our Floating Homes. The TVFHA is also working closely with the TVA to ensure proposed regulations are both reasonable and achievable, while also protecting the safety of all lake goers as well as the environment.

imageTVFHA members are welcome to keep up to date with our efforts and progress on this site. If you are a floating homeowner, marina operator or just a dedicated ally, please email for information on how to become a member and to gain full access. For additional information you can also visit our Facebook Group or make a much appreciated DONATIONPlease also check out our other related website at Save Our Floating Homes.